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I Don’t Believe She Was An Intruder

Do you watch/follow Oscar Pistorius Trial on CNN? Pistorius Trial Blog CNN

I watch and follow….

Nel is so clever and going well in details and questionings…

Do you think that Reeva was killed by accidently?

No, I can’t say this, my heart and my mind can’t say this… the truth is in details… and Nel will find it at the end…

If Pistorius killed her accidently, again he should be guilty!!!!

Gun shouldn’t be given to everyone… To use a gun has a rule… and we can see in all news in todays world, how people kill each other!!!!!

Actually gun should be banned…

I couldn’t stay far from this tragic story and wanted to share with you too.

Flower and Leaves, Cross Stitch

I started to my new project, and this is the part of the kitchen curtains holder,

IMG_4067rx IMG_4064rx

New Project For Kitchen Window



It will be a gift for a young couple and for their new home, I am so excited now to begin this :)

Get Egg From Fridge

Lunatic Asylum


….. so many mistakes have been done, what they are to share with you, not easy for me….politicals, judicial, humanistic, social,….the future seems that in our hands soon, but I am not sure… there is deep absyy between ignorance and knowledge, there is frightening controversy  between money and human values (like democracy, human rights, etc.) But ignorance is the big enemy!

Today, just  a few hours ago, a tear g…. b…. at people who were waiting for the funeral (of a young man who died because of g… b…. by p….. during …. Square events) infront of the hospital…. Someone in there told to the journalist’s microphone, “…they turned my country into  a Lunatic asylum…..”



Gotthard bahn Pass

DRIVEWAY to Gotthard Tunnel 17km Switzerland


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