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New Bridge and Speed Record!

0 to 400 km/h in 26 seconds, that’s around 248 mph in 26 seconds! It seems impossible yet the truth is that Kenan Sofuoglu has broken another incredible speed record. The Turkish rider pushed his Kawasaki Ninja H2R to touch 400 km/h, recording this feat on a video which you can see here, on his Facebook page.

The record was broken on the Osman Gazi Bridge, a 234 meter-high suspended bridge on the Marmara Sea, in the bay of Izmit, in Turkey. In just 2,682 meters, he reached a speed of 400 km/h in just 26 seconds, using special slick tires and top secret fuel. His bodysuit was also special, so as to be as aerodynamic as possible. As with all his victories, for this extraordinary feat, testing the limits of what’s possible, Sofuoglu could count on his Sidi boots; to break the record, Sofuoglu trusted a pair of Sidi Mag-1 boots, which are light, aerodynamic and feature advanced protection…just in case.

Osman Gazi Bridge



Busy nia!

At last I finished the small pillow. I started to do this, in last days of winter… And I finished early in June:) Now it needs to sew…

Another project is going on…. not finished. I try to make something for a new baby, who is not born yet, but very soon! Good Luck for them all,




Lviv, Ukrania


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