Twisted Pear Tree


Twisted pear tree

The tree which is located in Kastamonu reigion is a tree that there is no similatiry in the world. This tree has a length of 11 meters and estimated age is 150-200 years. The girt dimension of this special tree is 4 meters and 20 centimeters and the bottom part is 4 meters and 50 centimeters. The tree is healthy and still gives fruit.

Kastamonu :

Kastamonu, historically Castamon, city, north-central Turkey. It is situated near the Gök (ancient Amnias) River. The city lies in a sparsely populated high basin south of the densely populated Black Sea coastal plain.




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Silfra in Iceland



Silfra is a fissure between the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates in Thingvellir National Park. The rift was formed in 1789 by the earthquakes accompanying the divergent movement of the two tectonic plates. The diving and snorkeling site at Silfra is right where the two continents meet and drift apart about 2 cm per year. Silfra is the only place in the world where you can dive or snorkel directly in a crack between two tectonic plates.

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Alex Mustard,


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Where An Author Takes Us…

The night of the heart (La nuit du cœur)


Blanche Collection , Gallimard
Release date: 04-10-2018



How to speak of a collection which is only the surplus of what makes us alive, makes us open our eyes to what we see more, do not hear anymore, do not feel anymore. 
How to write on words that speak only of beauty, this glittering fracture that pierces us under the skirt of this daily that carries us far, far from everything, far from nothing, far from what touches us, relieves us, soothes us, we conquer, give us, feel, assemble us.

What to say when the words are lights, silences, respect, the tiny detail of our emotions and feelings, sensations.What to say when under our eyes tired of so much noise, polluting chips, slips through the window ajar before us, the simple beauty of a stone of the eleventh century. What to say when this simple frame, this strange place offers us the equivalent of an opening, a felt ephemeral beauty, a composition finer than a sheet of paper and yet gives us so many chills reminding us to life. The sudden dazzle of this burning memory that made us dream.

There is nothing new, nothing sublime or wonderful in the words of Christian Bobin. Nothing we could call literature or poetic poetry cleverly orchestrated, sought after. There is nothing bright or lush. 
On the contrary, and I do not know how to speak of it, Christian Bobin writes as one breathes, as one feels the breath of ink, the undulation of the letter or the fugue of the sentence. We hear every word.We read each sentence. Like a letter, an emotion, a path that winds through us and makes its way, touches us in the heart. And the question arises of how to speak the words of Christian Bobin without being fat or its opposite, in the extreme emotion that words give us.

“I write to you from my absence from the world, to me and everything. I write to you, lodged in the abbey of your heart. 
It’s you talking. “

Writing is a solution. A solution to the nobility of simple beauty, of what is beautiful, of what the heart feels without ever being extinguished, extinguished, exhausted. To write and become human, to feel the human, to open to what is the time, the silence, the life in the solitude of the night, in the light of day. 
Write like a fugue, like a painting, a color. 
Write and live again. 
Write like a smile. 
The strength of delicacy and gentleness, the fragility of beauty. 
To write.

“Writing is the solution. “

This post was to tell you about ”  The night of the heart  “, Soulage and its 104 stained glass windows of Conques Abbey, the curious, wonders and demons, angels and silence. It is impossible for me.Impossible to write on the words charcoal-felt by Christian Bobin. It is impossible for me to write about what is beautiful.

“There is no other reason to live than to watch, with all one’s eyes and all one’s childhood, this life that passes and ignores us. “

The night of the heart 
Christian Bobin 



Conques Abbey is renowned worldwide as a masterpiece of Romanesque art.

The abbey boasts a majestic tympan, which is in fact a didactic sculpture, a colossal vault and of course the stained glass windows. These stained glass windows created by Pierre Soulages were commissioned by the French Government in 1986.