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Paper Butterfly driven by a pendulum.


Lighthouse Repair Man

Wonderful…. By Keith Newstead


Istanbul Shopping Fest (18 March-26 April)

Istanbul Shopping Fest (18 March-26 April)

There is Shopping Fest in Istanbul, and it started 18th March and it will be going on till 26th April. So, I walked down the street that it is one of the centers for this Shopping Fest, you know already, the Baghdad Avenue… Yes, of course, I made some shopping, from Zara and Marks & Spencer! I am losing weights and my size changes, this is good actually, but I need new clothes.  The weather actually cloudy and rains sometimes but temperature is amazing, 19c degrees…

What I bought, black and white colours mini dress and black vest but beaded, these are from Zara, and from M&S I bought at first time pantaloons for myself, dark blue! and a lovely knitted tunic. During all these days, I mean during Shopping Fest, they are also at discounted prices. And the street was crowded but as always… There were so many activities, I am so sad again that I didn’t take my camera with me, but it was raining and I thought that might be problem for my camera. Anyway, I am tired after all these traffic…

Beans,Carrots and Potatos with

The menu for the dinner, 
Sirloin steak grill
and potatos fried but in the oven
and macaroni with cheese
and season salad

but I cooked for myself, beans,carrots, potatos (in steam) and then I left it to get cool. In another place, I prepared a sauce with homemade yogurth by mixing sliced very thin fresh garlic! It was so delicious…

Tarihi Beşiktaş Köftecisi

Today, the weather made us smile again! As if there wasn’t snowy day in here just one day ago!!!!! I wasn’t good last night and this morning, so I didn’t want to do anything today. But my dearest love, he took me out and we went to the other side, we left the car in a oto-park in Beşiktaş. (Probably some of you, know this name, because it is also the name of one of the Turkish football teams And this is my team! But my husband and my son’s team is Fenerbahçe! ) Anyway Beşiktaş also is one of the old district in the city. And we went to a small restorant, but very famous and very historical place. And it’s been there for 50 years…. Its speciality is just Köfte (meatball) and Piyaz (cold dish made with dried beans). It was same and so delicious…

Painted Snow

Last week I started to Pilates exercises. And also I am reading Yoga books, later I will start to Yoga too. My father, actually he always wanted me to start Yoga, but I never interested. My father, he was Yogist. He wanted to teach me too. But I was so young and so busy (ah, silly me!) so I never did. My father should be smiling from the sky now!

So, how do I feel myself…? Fine, Better than other days… To make sport makes you feel better too! And then I walked down the street, actually according to my doctor I should walk everyday, and I should go to buy a bread from the farest place!!!! He doesn’t know I made my own bread 🙂 But yes, I walk everyday… Especially the uphill road on my walking way being a great exercises!!!! But on the way home, this time makes me so tired this uphill road but I can walk. My problem or my fear was about my knee! Seems that to lose weight and to make some exercises are being helpful.

And it was raining and also snowing… Maybe I can’t see white snow around me, but at the highest places of the city, everywhere is white… I hope snow stays till the weekend and I want to take some pictures! I hope.

Many years ago, there was a friend/photographer, he was a crazy one! At that time it snowed heavily and all city was under the snow… everywhere was under the white snow. And he was at the sea side for taking some art photographs. He painted snow with spray colours, blue, red, pink… and then he began to take some interesting pictures, But someone called the police because of the painted snow! Of course nothing happened, but we laughed.

It’s been late afternoon… All birds have gone now… Ah, yes, I feeded them today, 🙂 and I stayed there till they finished to eat. I stayed because I didn’t want cats would be problem!