Northern Wind and Snow and…


One year ago today, my mother-in-law died. She was like my real mother, and I love her so much. No one could be like her, so kindful, like an angel. But she loved me like her own daughther too. She always put me in a special place in her humble world. Before the day she died, before losing her conscious, her last wish and words were to give me a couple of porcelain coffee cups (antique, from her youngest years)… I wasn’t there at that time when she asked them to do this, but I came after this and she told me too, “I know you do appreciate these kind of things, so I am sure you will keep them as me”… I never thought that she was going to die… It was so emotional moment, and she was like me, so emotional and so kindful… But after this conversation she never talked again and next day, in my arms as if she was sleeping, she died. I never noticed that she wasn’t with us anymore… They took me away then.

Today, I can’t believe how passed the time… One year. Everyday I felt as if she was going to call me, and I would have found her lovely voice, “what are you doing my dearest, what did you cook for today?…” and I felt how great she was, never left me alone! Still she is with me,

And today, it was very cold and snowy… maybe I can’t see snow around my house but in higher places snowed more… The traffic being chaos again and Norhtern wind hits badly… sea transportation being problem… and today she is in her endless place, in this dark and cold day, did she hear me…. in my heart.

8th of March, on Women’s Day she died. Her life never been easy for her, I wrote her life story in one of my books, and when it was published, she kept her book under her pillow and whoever came to visit her, she always asked them to read her story that I wrote.

Rest In Peace, my dear Mom!


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