Tarihi Beşiktaş Köftecisi

Today, the weather made us smile again! As if there wasn’t snowy day in here just one day ago!!!!! I wasn’t good last night and this morning, so I didn’t want to do anything today. But my dearest love, he took me out and we went to the other side, we left the car in a oto-park in Beşiktaş. (Probably some of you, know this name, because it is also the name of one of the Turkish football teams And this is my team! But my husband and my son’s team is Fenerbahçe! ) Anyway Beşiktaş also is one of the old district in the city. And we went to a small restorant, but very famous and very historical place. And it’s been there for 50 years…. Its speciality is just Köfte (meatball) and Piyaz (cold dish made with dried beans). It was same and so delicious…


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