Istanbul Shopping Fest (18 March-26 April)

Istanbul Shopping Fest (18 March-26 April)

There is Shopping Fest in Istanbul, and it started 18th March and it will be going on till 26th April. So, I walked down the street that it is one of the centers for this Shopping Fest, you know already, the Baghdad Avenue… Yes, of course, I made some shopping, from Zara and Marks & Spencer! I am losing weights and my size changes, this is good actually, but I need new clothes.  The weather actually cloudy and rains sometimes but temperature is amazing, 19c degrees…

What I bought, black and white colours mini dress and black vest but beaded, these are from Zara, and from M&S I bought at first time pantaloons for myself, dark blue! and a lovely knitted tunic. During all these days, I mean during Shopping Fest, they are also at discounted prices. And the street was crowded but as always… There were so many activities, I am so sad again that I didn’t take my camera with me, but it was raining and I thought that might be problem for my camera. Anyway, I am tired after all these traffic…


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