Mantras on my walking way

This morning on my walking way, three beautiful things made me feel so good,…

First one is, I have met a Turkish young lady who is singing mantra songs… My Yoga trainer friend told me, and yes, her voice, her mantras into my ears I walked today…
Seda Bağcan

Mantra : A mantra is a sound, syllable, word, or group of words that is considered capable of “creating transformation” (spiritual transformation).…-so-hung_music


This is “Siri Gaitri Mantra” for Healing (Kundalini Yoga Meditation)

Ra Sun, Ma Moon, Da Earth, Sa Infinity, Say the totality of Infinity, So Hung
I am Thou. “Ra Ma Da Sa” is the Earth Mantra. and “Sa Say So Hung” is the Ether Mantra.

The second one, there were mimosa flowers in every corner in the baskets of the flower girls… They were smelling so nice… Exactly they are a gift for the mind and soul! Made me feel so good…

The last one, on the way of home, I walked in different side, and suddenly I heard bird, but I haven’t heard before something like that. I stopped and tried to find this bird. Of my God, he was flying between buildings and trees and I could keep watching his flight… I am so sad, that my camera was at home, Because of the battery charge. Seemed to me his colour between white and gray and has a long tail… and not big than a crow… But has a wonderful voice, I can’t explain how impressive and how beautiful! I haven’t heard before… I wondered of course what was this bird? I got angry with myself… But I stood there, how long I don’t know but people were looking at me at first then they keep my eyes for what I was watching… They went on to walk then. Didn’t they see or hear this bird? I don’t know… but I don’t care, I saw him and I heard him and he was so beautiful… Just I wished to know his name.

My walking was a little bit different today… My mind and soul as if being feeded by the unexplainable touches… spiritually maybe

Ra Ma Da Sa Say So Hung…


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