How beautifully smells!

How beautiful smells… Do you like fresh mint?
I bought them from the local market and all my kitchen smells now…

They are going to be dried now… And then I will put into the jar for using meals…

And cooked them today, made me busy… Sometimes I love to be in the kitchen!


My lovely Straw hat!

25th May, 2011


26°C  and Humidity % 42

I walked today as always down the street…  at the Baghdad Street… But the weather was  hot and not good to walk under the sun.  At first time, in all my life, I bought a hat for myself,.. yes, straw hat with silk scarf! So lovely…

 and another nice happening for me, at the end I finished this one,

And now, the others will be completed, I hope 🙂

A New Project

A new projet for this week! Actually it took time to learn the pattern. I did so many times mistake and at the end I learned it… This will be a dress, I will sew it with the fabric when the knitting finished. I’m planning to put some beads or flowers on blouse, but I haven’t decided yet. First of all I should go to my bead store for this, if I can find something that in my mind, it would be nice. I guess…

Whirling Dervish


My husband wasn’t here this weekend, he went to Konya(you can find more info down the page) for the exhibition about their business. And he brought me some nice little ceramic sculptures about sufi/dervish. And I loved them, especially the blue one. It is very new to see them in this colour. As my husband told that she was a young artist who created them. One of them is for hanging to the wall, especially this one captured me so much. But to be honest, photographically they are not so good, and it was not easy to take a perfect one, because of the shining of them. But I want to try once again. I just wanted to share with you, if you would like to interest with this.
About Mevlana Celaleddin Rumi
And there are some of my photographs that were taken a few years ago, at the historical and old train station, sufi musician and whirling Dervish just for tourists in the Istanbul.

“Come, come, whoever you are,
Wanderer, idolater, worshiper of fire,
Come even though you have broken your vows a thousand times,
Come, and come yet again.
Ours is not a caravan of despair.

Mevlana Celaleddin Rumi”
Sufi whirling – Mevlana Festival in Konya

Busy with them!

This is lavender doll! Handmade. My lovely friend’s gift for me, she knows how I love these kind of things… It is smelling so beautiful.

Another incompleted project! I think it has been more than one year that I couldn’t finish it. But it is going to be end at the end! Bedcover project. I’ve been doing the edges by crocheting… But I should find this green yarn again, not enough! The all other part of the bedcover is  needle art, embrodeiry, sewing, crochet and knitting.

Cats… When I noticed this fabric I decided to make them pillow! Actually it is being sold for patchwork projects and also expensive! They are all imported fabric from UK.  But the other one, I mean the fabric that is a miniature painting (Ottoman art) is made in Turkey. I loved it so much.