What is art?

Actually I can’t find the exact word to name this… But it was very interesting for me. Most of you, probably will remember, a few months ago I posted a photograph that was taken by me, early in the spring days while we were walking with my husband, at the baghdad street. It wasn’t easily being seen one, but something made me to look at the trees and I noticed some dots on the tree and I decided to look with my camera by making zoom. Because the trees were not near to us. And then, wow, what were they? I took some pictures, but when I came home I saw clearly what they were, snails…

It was very interesting experience for me and I haven’t know that snails climb to the trees… A few days later, I talked with one of my friends, she interested when she heard this, I send this photograph. And she share with her friend too. The lady loved it so much and I got so nice comments from her.

Yesterday, she knocked my door with another photograph, it was amazing! Without knowing my photograph, (as she says) the lady’s daugther (living in USA) created a ring for her mother, for Mother’s Day! The lady when she received the ring, was surprised! Because it was the snails on the tree that she loved so much. And it was my photograph.

not a good photograph, it was taken by phone camera and send by iphone!

Everything seemed so interesting… people, snails on a tree, and a gold ring created by a young artist like snails on a tree…

What is art, I want to think again… I am impressed so much and I wanted to share with you too.

Thank you,
with my love,


2 thoughts on “What is art?

  1. Art (beauty) is in the eye of the beholder, and daily we pass by so much beauty (so much art!) simply because we are blind to it. We do not “behold” it. Your two photos are good examples of art, beauty, and people with their eyes open to see it! Thanks. A lovely surprise in my e-mail today.


  2. Dear Linda, you are so nice as always. I was thinking of you today 🙂 I hope and wish you are fine. Sorry in these days I am a little bit lost between all other things and I can’t catch your message sometimes. But you know you can write to me e-mail whenever you wish. I check it much more. By the way, I started to my straw hand bag, but not finished, it is not going like a wool or cotton. Not easy to knit with this straw, but I make it crochet, and I have to finish it because it would be nice to use it during summer. 🙂
    Than you.
    Blessing and Happiness,
    with my love,

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