OKRA – Bamia, Bindi, Lady’s Finger

We call this vegetable like “Bamya”, comes from the word, Bamia… It  is a tasty vegetable that’s rich in calcium and other nutrients.

I love it so much but I hate to sort of them, usually we cut like a sharpen pencil because there is its juice inside if I don’t cut like a cone it comes out and it is not good for cooking. It should stay inside so I cut them all like a cone. But it is so boring and I hate 🙂


and after…

Every each of them like a pencil I cut.

But at the end it is so delicious… It is worthy all these boring times…

Actually it is so easy to cook and ready very soon. Onion and tomatos and a little red chilli paste (sweet one) and salt and if you wish pepper, they all cook then I add okras too… It is ready in half hour… with lemon drops  you can eat!

Bon Appetite! 




For Dear Svenna!


I love family photographs… I love to find them around me in my daily life in the home. But yes, walls are not enough, they full of with so many things (paintings, etc.) So I found another way for my family photographs. Dear Svenna reminded me this morning with her beautiful post in her blog. She is creating so nice things and also always carrying the beauties of life. So I wanted to share these photograph frames, could be a new idea for you all… It is so easy to make this. You need a circle glass (I asked a glassmaker to cut  20cm diameter of a glass but it depends on your photograph. And then I am sure you have laces at home that you don’t use or don’t know where to use. I put a ribbon, you can gather with this ribbon too but also you can sew them like gathering and then get it through the glass. Actually final gathering will be on the glass. I mean the finish. Then whatever you can put on it for decorating… like with flowers or like with these small seguins… 


Thank you dear Svenna, for your beautiful sharing always… Blessing and Happiness.

A cup of tea!

14 July, Thursday… and still we are waiting for our visas… As The WorldBridge said, we should have received in 15 working days… but it’s 16th day today! Once we missed the flight and this would be second time… And makes me tired to think of this.

I don’t make any project right now… As if it is a break time… 🙂 But it is very hot, and today seems more, 32°C… what we feel I don’t know but should be more…

At the beginning of this week my cat fainted. Made me afraid so much. But yes, she is fine, we were at the veterinary clinic.

Today, I just wanted to make myself busy and I worked a little bit with paper-cut… It was a great fun.

It would be great to have a cup of tea now… 🙂