OKRA – Bamia, Bindi, Lady’s Finger

We call this vegetable like “Bamya”, comes from the word, Bamia… It  is a tasty vegetable that’s rich in calcium and other nutrients.

I love it so much but I hate to sort of them, usually we cut like a sharpen pencil because there is its juice inside if I don’t cut like a cone it comes out and it is not good for cooking. It should stay inside so I cut them all like a cone. But it is so boring and I hate 🙂


and after…

Every each of them like a pencil I cut.

But at the end it is so delicious… It is worthy all these boring times…

Actually it is so easy to cook and ready very soon. Onion and tomatos and a little red chilli paste (sweet one) and salt and if you wish pepper, they all cook then I add okras too… It is ready in half hour… with lemon drops  you can eat!

Bon Appetite! 




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