I’m Back!

I came back from my travels to home… We were in UK and then we went to visit our summer home at the Ida Mountain… In Aegean Region of my country.

We had a wonderful days in UK, especially in Devizes, (Wiltshire)… My friend dear Sue and her husband, they were amazing and so nice people. We stayed their lovely place, but it was like to be in the home. They created such a beautiful home…

Southdown White Horse Walking Holidays B&B


and this is my new blog, at the end I finished and completed to write and to upload the photographs. 


And then we went to Mount Ida, (Homer’s mythological mountain, in his legends…) You can find more details in my other site, but not finished yet.


I came back with inspired by so many things… There are so many projects in my mind but when can I start I don’t know. Because I am too busy now in the home. I need a special time for myself… Just I can upload my photographs and I work with my photographs right now. But I am excited for my new projects…

Anyway, I missed to be at home… and my cat too! She was sick last night, and we went urgently to her vet. She got an injection, and tomorrow another one too. Just she caught cold… has high temperature…

Blessing and Happiness for you all,

with my love,





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