Friday Notes

What happened this week….

Monday, I was busy at home, houseworks never finishes… Today you make, tomorrow again… So I didn’t understand how passed the day. But I should add, I started my daily program, Pilates again. And Tuesday I was busy with ironing this time… Wednesday I went to my hairdresser… Ah, I am very new about dying hair! And my white hair came up very soon, I didn’t expect this. So it means every month I should go to my  coiffeur. But this time the colour a little bit darker than the first one, most of people around me, liked this colour but I am still with the first one. So, maybe I would change it again. How difficult now to have a colour that you like, I understand. 

And yesterday we met with one of my friends. We went to a new cafe at the Baghdad street, “Dilek Cafe”… It is one of oldest places in the city, but there wasn’t in this street. When we entered, my friend recognized the Chef, he was one of the famous Turkish cook. He greeted us and we talked with him. Then we went to the balcony, looking down the street… We had a wonderful time with my friend. She is going to be a Yoga Trainer soon. And maybe I will be her first student 🙂 While we were talking the Chef served us beautiful chocolate sweets… It was delicious.

Then we visited my dentist friend in her clinic. She broke her ankle  so I wanted to visit her.   She is a nice one too. And by the way they met too, I mean my dentist friend and my Yoga trainer friend.

We are now two students for her… My dentist friend, she wants to join me too. And my young neighbour at my apartment, she is too! So we have already three students for my friend… We are waiting for her news now…

Next week schools are beginning after summer vacation. My friend’s daughter will start primary school this year. She is so excited in these days. But I am too. I never forget these feelings, the first days of school… new books, new friends, new start for everything… Her mother told me that she has been making mathematics at home,  even the school hasn’t started yet!  Bless her, she is my little friend.

And yes, when I came back home yesterday, my knee locked. In a very big pains… My knee problem again. Last night I didn’t sleep well, with ice box I feel better. I can’t walk… I have to be careful for a few days…

Yes, today the end of the week… Have a nice weekend for you all, the sun and the angel be with you!


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