Just Dropping Notes…


I went to my dentist today, not a serious problem but I had to go. After dental visit, I walked at the street… There is a wonderful weather… Not very cool and not very hot… The Baghdad Street was so crowded today because another fashion festival begins tonight. “Fashion Night out in Istanbul”, again… So they were preparing their shows, and stands in front of the shops…

As always my stop was the bookstore. I bought some books… I haven’t read before these kind of books… I just want to make a mind voyage in different thoughts… The last one is one of my magazines that I follow monthly… But once again I missed Rakam (Italian magazine) and Verena… How I miss to knitt something… But there are still a lot of things to do in the home and I feel uncomfortable with all these works. Never being ended… I also missed to read a book while drinking a cup of tea…

John Gribbin,  “In Search of Schrödinger’s Cat”: Quantum Physics and Reality (1984)

Alain De Botton, “A Religion for Atheists”,  (2011)

Stefano E.D’Anna, “The School for Gods” (2009)

Richards Dawkins, “The God Delusion” ( 2006)


2 thoughts on “Just Dropping Notes…

    1. Canım Merhaba, nasıl sevindim şimdi seni okuyunca. Çok meşgülsün biliyorum, ama ben de deli gibi meşgülüm, oysa ortada ciddi bir şey yok. Ama az çok anlamışsındır beni, sevdiğim şeylerle meşgül olunca herşeyi unutuyorum. Kitaplarım dizildi beni bekliyorlar… Çok yavaş okuyorum Aslı’cığım, eşim bir gecede bitirirdin ne oldu sana diyor. Teşekkür ederim ziyaretin için, biliyorsun sen çok özel konuğumsun! Her zaman da kulaklarını çınlatıyorum. Sevgilerimle, nia

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