Good Morning!

Good Morning!

How are you all? Autumn should be so nice now in there… I can imagine the colours how change…

This morning I thought once again how beautiful it was, our days in Devizes. To wake up very energic and to walk all day long and then to sleep with a lovely tiredness… You can’t understand what I mean or why I am saying this… In here, the weather is so nice, a lovely September! But humidity gets me very weak and sticky. Not easy to walk in this weather and I can’t feel energic myself too,…

I can’t imagine myself to live in Vietnam… But human body gets used to live… Ah, when I say this, I remember the famous philosopher, father of modern philosophy! To move from France to Holland… But then he moved again to another Baltic country, Sweden. Because the Sweden Queen Christina offered Descartes a position in her court. In January of 1650 Queen Christina began to require Descartes to give her lessons in philosophy. These apparently would begin at five in the morning and would last for about five hours. They were given three days a week. Descartes in all his life, he wasn’t used to get up early in the morning and especially in the cold winter days at five in the morning.

In one of his letters, dated 15 January 1650, Descartes expresses reservations about his decision to come to Sweden. He sees himself to be “out of his element,” the winter so harsh that “men’s thoughts are frozen here, like the water”. Given the sentiment expressed in the letter, this remark was probably intended to be as much Descartes’s take on the intellectual climate as it was about the weather. In early February, less than a month after writing Bregy, Descartes fell ill. His illness quickly turned into a serious respiratory infection. And, although at the end of a week he appeared to have made some movement towards recovery, things took a turn for the worse and he died in the early morning of 11 February 1650. He was fifty-three years old.

“I think; therefore I am.” Descartes…

Yes, my mind went a little voyage this morning… Do you think that the weather can be effective on us…?


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