What A Nice Surprise For Me!

I am still bad with this sneezing, sniffles and coughing etc. Usually it makes me bad… As it is said in here, with medicine one week, without medicine seven days… 🙂  It  is so boring to be in the bed… But today something happened and made me so happy and excited. Thank you once again to dear Cecilia, she is so nice one and I have met through her beautiful Blog. Her stories are so nice, and she has a wonderful literary language or way to express… You always wait for to continue  when the story finished. She is amazing.  You can find all details why I am talking all about this.


It is the first time for this award, it is so nice of course, but the most exciting part was to make my own favurite blogger list! Oh my God! I supposed that I couldn’t make… Because for me they are all so nice bloggers who I know and met… But at last I did a list. They are all so nice to visit and to meet. 

This weekend there is a wedding party that is one of our friends… He is going to marry with a nice Chinese lady. It would have been so nice to be in this party but because of me, we can’t go. We postponed all reservations etc. It is not in this city. It would have been a short trip out side to Istanbul. But this is an event that I catch cold… Not feeling good… and coughing, sneezing… No one wants to see me there like that!  Anyway My best wishes for this couple,

Have a nice weekend for you all,

with my love, nia


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