Notes From the Weekend (24 Sept. 2011)

What I noted from my weekend

This weekend I have met with a beautiful people… One of them is the owner of a new company in the city, and making delicious… ? actually I can’t find the exact word, but here is their website down the post… But sorry not having an English page right now… You can watch the photographs… My son is always saying about these delicious things… Because his office was near to this place and every lunch he was eating there. (Later maybe I can try to translate  these delicious menu) So, last night we met with this owner in the wedding party! They are planning to open in USA too.

Another beautiful meeting for me, a young lady, she is amazing,  a diver teacher and is being a yoga trainer soon, in here.

Ah, yes, I forgot the most exciting one, the young couple, they are going to live in China and they know how I dream Himalayas… and They want to see us in China soon, our friend, he wants to arrange a tour for me… This is so nice and so exciting for me.

I’ll write more later…

These are the beautiful notes from my weekend…

I hope you had a nice weekend too,

with my love,





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