Tea Time with Turkish Simit

It’s tea time… Actually today, I don’t feel good myself, probably catch cold!!!!  I take my medicine during my tea time now… Simit and tea! They are so nice and delicious…

Simit  is one of traditional food, ring-shaped, savory roll covered with sesame seed. You can find in every bakery… Especially when they are just taken from the oven, how smells…

Simits in the bakery…

I love to eat them with cheese (white chese, cheddar, or like this one, with edam cheese)…

And also with marmalade/jam… This is  black mulberry jam!  You can also eat with Nutella too!




What’s The Menu Today?

“The Classical Cookbook” by the historian Andrew Dalby and chef Sally Grainger is one of my favurite books that I’ve read. It was so enjoyable and interesting to learn more about the daily life of classical Greece and Rome. Although separated from us by 2000 years, you can find similiar food cultures in today’s world too. I think this book is the first one of its kind, exploring the daily culture of the Mediterranean through the center of its social life–food and drink. Especially with its beautiful narrative texts by Dalby and Grainger you can learn the differences of the social groups and occasions. Festivals, dinner parties, celebrations,…etc. And also with the translation of the original recipes followed by the versions for the modern cook.  The book is illustrated throughout with delightful scenes of food, hunters, and revelers from wall paintings, mosaics, and Greek vases. And the array of delicacies, from Sweet Wine Scones to Chicken Stuffed with Olives to Honey Nut Cake, is sure to tempt any connoisseur.

This book was inspired me so much… after reading it, I wanted to make a picture of one of the menu that was hanging on the door of an ancient inn! It was written the daily menu there for the hunters or visitors…


This is the menu with my illustration. Made by watercolours and also colours pencils…




Amazing, Beautiful and Inspirational Art Projects

1) By Claudia Losi


2) François-Xavier Lalanne – sculptures
(1927 – 2008)


3) Jean Nouvel

Jean Nouvel (1945- ), a French architect, studied at the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris and was a founding member of Mars 1976 and Syndicat de l’Architecture. He has obtained a number of prestigious distinctions over the course of his career, including the Aga Khan Award for Architecture (technically, the prize was awarded for the Institut du Monde Arabe which Nouvel designed), the Wolf Prize in Arts in 2005 and the Pritzker Prize in 2008.

Jean Nouvel; The Louvre of the Desert. or the leaves by Nouvel



4) Gino De Dominicis

a portrait of Gino De Dominicis created by Miltos Manetas ( http://www.manetas.com/internetpaintings/ : http://cargocollective.com/manetas )


This giant skeleton sculpture was created by Gino De Dominicis and is being displayed in the Palazzo Reale in Milan.

there are some strange, some interesting and some nice and some funny designs…

5) Giancarlo Neri


6) David Nash

David Nash… An amazing sculptor! One of the greatest names of 21th century. Wood, trees and the natural environment in his creative world hitting once again, you can find yourself in which is a central theme of his works, as the relationship between man and nature… So impressive and so artistic. A different approach to carving; and also he makes sculptures which stay in the landscape. Like, “Ash Dome” is a ring of ash trees he planted in 1977.


“Walking Manzanita”

“Ladder” one of my favorite works of Nash, that was a wood sculpture by David Nash realised at 1989. “Talking trees” reminded me Nash’s works when I saw a photograph today on Photography section. It was (lgswaff)Dear Les’ one of photographs.

Ash doom…


7) Eric Bainbridge


8 )  Lilian Bassman and Paul Himmel


Paul Himmel and Lillian Bassman, herself a well-known fashion photographer, married in 1935 and had been married over 73 years when Himmel died in 2009.


9 ) Dead Flies Art

http://acidcow.com/pics/4553-dead-flies … pics.html/
photography/art by Magnus Muhr

10) Jason deCaires Taylor

La Evolución Silenciosa (The Silent Evolution)
400 life-size figures. Depth 9m Cancun / Isla Mujeres, Mexico.


11) Terry Border


12)  ‘Little People Project’ started in 2006.” By  Slinkachu


13) Pencil and Camera by Ben Heine


14) Painted by music By  Stephen Ward



15) Marilyn Robertson


First Things about My Kitchen

Dear Smidgen, she is one of beautiful ladies and bloggers that I love to follow her blog.  Today in her post, she is talking about firsts in our life…


To be honest I haven’t thought of this before… This reading piece made me to think my firsts… I try to remember now,

1) “First time helping Mom” …. there is not any memory about this in my mind… I just remember my grandmother and her beautiful cooks… I watched her so many times in the kitchen when I was a little girl. But again I don’t remember did I help her…

2) “First time licking the beaters” or spoon or entire bowl… nothing comes to my mind…

3) “First recipe card”…  I think my first recipe cards from some of my friends and some of newspapers, etc. I remember when I got married I started to cook… I mean to be in the kitchen seriously! But I would be so glad if I had recipes of my grandmother. I never asked her and she never taught me… This is strange now for me. Maybe I wasn’t interesting with the kitchen in that time…  

4) “First cookbook“… ah, yes! I have, especially in early years of my marriage I bought so many cookbook and still I buy. My firs cookbooks were in my own language.

This book is my first cookbook in English language. When I found it in secondhand book store, I was so happy, I remember. This is now antique book.

And my last cook books are one of my favurite names in Turkish Cuisine.

5) “First recipe mastered…” Zeytinyağlı yaprak sarma (means stuffed grape leaves with olive oile and being served cold)

6) “First bake sale”… My first experience about sale something food was about a fisherman. In the past again, when I was a young girl, I sold fishes for this old fisherman. During summer times we always stayed in Yalova, it is a city now. And our house was in a little village (one of villages of this city, near to Istanbul at the Izmit Bay) There was an old fisherman in this village. And every morning at dawn time he was going for fishing with his boat. One day when it was at the sea, the storm started and the waves were very huge… The day seemed to us never finished… But at the end he reached the sea side… He was so tired and got wet… Everybody did something for him, and me, this crazy nia, took all his fishes in to a box and then started to sell them in the streets…. The old fisherman told me their prices, and I said ok, don’t worry, I will sell of them. And yes, I sold all his fishes BUT not in the price that he told me. It was the most expensive fishes that were sold that day… When he learned this he was angry, but then he smiled to me and said to me, “you should sell my fishes! Thank you crazy nia!”…. I should add this too, I learned so many things about life, sea, even fishes from this old man… When 17th August earthquake hit this area, first of all I thought of him and his family… There are so many memories and always make me cry. I prayed once again for him.

7)   “First kitchen”… What a shame I don’t have any picture of my first kitchen…. When we got married we lived in such a beautiful old house. It was really very old… But we loved it both. And we decorated all house. Whenever I remember this house, makes me sad because we left it. But we had to do this. It was being so cold and and so wet… But in any case we would have to leave it because a few years ago it was collapsed and built a new taller apartment instead of this… So this lovely old house stayed in my memories… This was a rent house… So in times, we had our own house and I can say this is my another first kitchen that we decorated with my son. One summer we painted according to my idea… At the beginning the red colour was the concept in my kitchen but I’ve changed it, now the blue colour is the concept of my kitchen. I made the curtains (cross-stitch) all blue tones roses… and everything in the kitchen I tried to find in blue colours… Still I am looking for new objects/equipments in blue colours…

 with some of my watercolours… but we painted together with my son the window decoration with the fruits…

7) “First set of dishes”… I think it was my mother-in-law’s gift… Some of lovely porcelain plates that were from her wedding days… Today I use them just for a decoration… Because they are so precious for me…

8) “First dinner party”…. I remember this very well. We invited a Canadian businessman to our home for a dinner. He was here and working with my husband. We always took him to some Turkish restaraunts and it was always so interesting for him to taste Turkish cuisine. And one day we decided to invite to a dinner in home. There were some of our Turkish friends too. I was so excited for this dinner. It would be the first time I will cook so many things and to prepare a dinner party. But at the end everything was so nice… 

9)  “First time baking cookies with your own kids “… With my son we had a wonderful times in the kitchen… I taught, I shared everything in the kitchen… And today he can cook by himself… Especially what he likes so much. It was also so enjoyable to be in the kitchen with him. I can’t believe he was helping me when he was in tree or four years old… Today he is more creative than me in the kitchens and he likes cooking… There was always a tea time in the afternoon when he was a little boy, and it was our Alice Wonderland’s tea time table for us… with red squared pattern of a table cloth and chocolate cakes and animal shapes cookies…


In the Kitchen Today

Yesterday when I visited one of beautiful friends’ blog, the photograph inspired me; and it was the first thing today what I cooked. This is a delicious “Lemon Cake”, the recipe from dear Giovanna, Thank you for her, once again.  Of course her cake seems so beautiful and exactly so delicious than mine.


To cook is a kind of art… I do believe this. In these days I am being inspired by some of friends, their recipes and their photographs are amazing, always make me to taste them… So it means makes me to cook them. Actually I love to be in the kitchen but I can’t say that I am very well as them… But this is being another experience for me now. And I enjoy… 

First of all I should learn how to take a nice pictures in the kitchen that would make people to taste… 🙂 The light in the kitchen is not good, and also I noted for myself, I should take pictures with my tripod too.  Anyway these are about photography…

And now the taste of my cake! To be honest it was going to burn if I was late… So, I saved my cake in the last point. In every cooking should be a mystery or should be some ropes too… First my cake didn’t rise up!!!! But I know I used eggs without let it to get warm in room temperatures… This could be one of the reasons!!!! And when I boil lemon juice and sugar, I cooked too much and it was like a candy!!!! So I couldn’t use for top of the cake as a glaze… 

And the most beautiful part is my husband liked it… Actually it was so delicious… Soft and sweet… And lemon gives a lovely smell and taste… Maybe my cake wasn’t beautiful as dear Giovanna’s cake but it was delisiou. I am sure, next time will be better, because I learned now… By the way, I should add this too, it was the first time I used butter. Usually I use olive oil for all my cake, etc. This was a new try for me. 

Today most of my time was in the kitchen… What I did more…

“Cauliflowers”…. it is the season of them now… And I cooked my first couliflowers for this year… We love it so much. And there are so many recipes with them in Turkish cuisine… I did what we love most…


What an amazing vegetable with its colours… between tones of green colour white flowers…

I cooked them in steam… Then a few flowers I reserved, the remain parts I made them mashed. Then I added salt, pepper, lemon juice and olive oil and fresh dills… I mixed them all with mashed cauliflowers… Then I put it in the  fridge, it is a kind of salad with the meal…


And the remain of the cauliflowers, I covered with one egg (adding salt, pepper) , then I fried in olive oil… It is delicious… The other one in the plate is “Sigara Böreği” . It literally means “cigarette pastry” (because of the shape) or we can describe like that too, “cheese roller”and they are usually deep fried.

Cheese rollers and fried cauliflowers….