So Many Ideas in my mind!


My October magazines… There are so nice ideas… Knitting world is amazing. I buy them every month but Rakam (Italian) and Verena (German) , I can’t find them.

In this photograph you also see a tray… it is MDF, and should be painted… I want to make decopauge… I hope I can be successful. You see, always there is something to do in my life… And another project, I want to make watercolour paintings again… Yesterday when I met with Joseph Chiang, I’m inspired by his beautiful works…

Anyway, it was a beautiful day today under the autumn sun… I’ve just come back home from a nice meeting with my friend. I think I talked before about her. She is going to be a Yoga trainer very soon, and probably I will be her first student. I hope. After her Yoga lesson we met with her today, for a long time we wanted to organize this plan. What was the plan? The plan is actually my favurite shopping stores, so we went to these stores. As always they were so beautiful, I have many ideas again…

One of them was my wool/yarn shop! There are beautiful new colours… Knitting, how much I love. Of course I bought something, I’ll knit for my friend a vest with hood. It isvery popular now. This week while I was walking at the street, I saw a wonderful knitting pattern (that it was a   shawl), I hope I can make it to this vest… Ah, yes, the colour is cream…

Then we went to my other shop, it sells everything about sewing, knitting, crocheting, etc. All goods and notions… confectionary things, laces, ribbons, etc. The other stop was the Goblen store… I was lost again in this store. Our last store was my favurite fabric store… It was amazing. I should take pictures in there when I go again. I hope they let me to do this. Pillows, fabrics, colours, etc. In the colourful shop I was lost…. Of course my friend too, she loved them all. And now she knows where I buy them all… Actually this is really important in this city. Because it is very big and also the prices can be different in many places. So these are so good about their prices too.

Then it was so nice to have a cup of tea with homemade savory pastries… (with white cheese, mint and nigella sativa’s black seeds) 

Have a nice and enjoyable weekend….

2 thoughts on “So Many Ideas in my mind!

  1. Oh, Nia! It’s like I’m there with you! What a wonderful picture you paint with your words! And those pastries look so delicious. We are also experiencing beautiful Autumn weather in California, so it was easy to imagine walking with you. I love your positive outlook on life 🙂

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