It’s Raining today…. (10 Oct. 2011)

There is not a sun shine today… It is like a night… very dark and it’s raining! And a little bit cold too… As if these beautiful sunny days wouldn’t have been end… But yes, summer days finished… and winter will be soon in here too…

Today I am at home… no one wants to go out in this rainy day… Otherwise it would be so nice to walk under the rain. But it rains so badly, nothing keeps you being wet… Even umbrellas too…. Imagine how it rains…

Umbreallas… How I love them. I have a very old one, and I keep it. I don’t use. I should take its picture. But this is not what I wanted to share with you. I’ve met today with an amazing artist, on dear Patti’s blog, ( )… She is talking about this artist, and his work, Cristo’s Umbreallas… But there is a tragedy too, 2 people died because of these umbrellas.

To be at home… with a cup of sage tea and something to eat… and watching the rain…

White cheese aand Simit (this is Turkish traditional one, savory roll covered with sesame seed! You can find them in every bakery in here)… But I saw something looks like our simit, in UK too. Ring shape and have sesame seed… But the taste was different.  But I loved it too so much.

By the way, I should talk about my kitchen… A few years ago I almost made a big change in my kitchen. My concept was “Everything is Blue” in my kitchen. First of all I changed the curtain and they are all handmade, (cross stitch work) in blue tones… and like these table clothes, nappkins, etc. Then I changed everything with blue ones… Plates, etc. I love blue colours… And I love to make changes in my home… My husband doesn’t like, you can guess! When I get bored to see blue, I can make another change again…


Thank you for stopping… Have a nice and enjoyable week…

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