In the Kitchen Today

Yesterday when I visited one of beautiful friends’ blog, the photograph inspired me; and it was the first thing today what I cooked. This is a delicious “Lemon Cake”, the recipe from dear Giovanna, Thank you for her, once again.  Of course her cake seems so beautiful and exactly so delicious than mine.

To cook is a kind of art… I do believe this. In these days I am being inspired by some of friends, their recipes and their photographs are amazing, always make me to taste them… So it means makes me to cook them. Actually I love to be in the kitchen but I can’t say that I am very well as them… But this is being another experience for me now. And I enjoy… 

First of all I should learn how to take a nice pictures in the kitchen that would make people to taste… 🙂 The light in the kitchen is not good, and also I noted for myself, I should take pictures with my tripod too.  Anyway these are about photography…

And now the taste of my cake! To be honest it was going to burn if I was late… So, I saved my cake in the last point. In every cooking should be a mystery or should be some ropes too… First my cake didn’t rise up!!!! But I know I used eggs without let it to get warm in room temperatures… This could be one of the reasons!!!! And when I boil lemon juice and sugar, I cooked too much and it was like a candy!!!! So I couldn’t use for top of the cake as a glaze… 

And the most beautiful part is my husband liked it… Actually it was so delicious… Soft and sweet… And lemon gives a lovely smell and taste… Maybe my cake wasn’t beautiful as dear Giovanna’s cake but it was delisiou. I am sure, next time will be better, because I learned now… By the way, I should add this too, it was the first time I used butter. Usually I use olive oil for all my cake, etc. This was a new try for me. 

Today most of my time was in the kitchen… What I did more…

“Cauliflowers”…. it is the season of them now… And I cooked my first couliflowers for this year… We love it so much. And there are so many recipes with them in Turkish cuisine… I did what we love most…


What an amazing vegetable with its colours… between tones of green colour white flowers…

I cooked them in steam… Then a few flowers I reserved, the remain parts I made them mashed. Then I added salt, pepper, lemon juice and olive oil and fresh dills… I mixed them all with mashed cauliflowers… Then I put it in the  fridge, it is a kind of salad with the meal…


And the remain of the cauliflowers, I covered with one egg (adding salt, pepper) , then I fried in olive oil… It is delicious… The other one in the plate is “Sigara Böreği” . It literally means “cigarette pastry” (because of the shape) or we can describe like that too, “cheese roller”and they are usually deep fried.

Cheese rollers and fried cauliflowers….

15 thoughts on “In the Kitchen Today

  1. Hello dear Nia, your cake looks beautiful! I’m so happy you have made one of my recipes (I’m proud too 😉 )

    Thanks for you kind words. Have a nice day!

    By the way, loved the cauliflowers “hummus”

  2. yum yum, I’d love some of your beautiful cake!!!!!!!! I love baking and experimenting in the kitchen!!! 🙂 Can I come over for lunch?? 😀 It looks delicious! 🙂

  3. I would be so glad if you come 🙂 But there is so much noise again in my apartment, they are making some decorations in the flat. Oh my God! I woke up with the sound of the machines… Never finishes these works in my apartment. One of flat has been sold and the new owner makes so many changing in the flat… I feel bad today because of this… But be sure, it would be the most beautiful thing if you come here. Thank you dear Kristina, have a nice weekend, with my love, nia

  4. The cake looks delicious. And the cauliflower too. I noticed piles of giant, gorgeous heads of cauliflower at the market this week and brought home a huge one. Yum. Linda

  5. It was the first time I used butter… I always use olive oil with all my recipes… But this time, I noticed that my cake stayed soft from the first day to the ending day… Also it was so delicious too. Thank once again dear Giovanna for the recipe and the inspiration, and Thank you for you too dear Linda for your nice comment. With my love, nia

  6. Nia, your cooking photos rival any I’ve seen on the food blogs I’ve followed. The lighting is perfect. I can’t wait to try your cauliflower recipes. –John

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