Amazing, Beautiful and Inspirational Art Projects

1) By Claudia Losi

2) François-Xavier Lalanne – sculptures
(1927 – 2008)

3) Jean Nouvel

Jean Nouvel (1945- ), a French architect, studied at the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris and was a founding member of Mars 1976 and Syndicat de l’Architecture. He has obtained a number of prestigious distinctions over the course of his career, including the Aga Khan Award for Architecture (technically, the prize was awarded for the Institut du Monde Arabe which Nouvel designed), the Wolf Prize in Arts in 2005 and the Pritzker Prize in 2008.

Jean Nouvel; The Louvre of the Desert. or the leaves by Nouvel…rt-louvre.html

4) Gino De Dominicis

a portrait of Gino De Dominicis created by Miltos Manetas ( : )

This giant skeleton sculpture was created by Gino De Dominicis and is being displayed in the Palazzo Reale in Milan.
there are some strange, some interesting and some nice and some funny designs…

5) Giancarlo Neri

6) David Nash

David Nash… An amazing sculptor! One of the greatest names of 21th century. Wood, trees and the natural environment in his creative world hitting once again, you can find yourself in which is a central theme of his works, as the relationship between man and nature… So impressive and so artistic. A different approach to carving; and also he makes sculptures which stay in the landscape. Like, “Ash Dome” is a ring of ash trees he planted in 1977.…=491&aid=12399
“Walking Manzanita”

“Ladder” one of my favorite works of Nash, that was a wood sculpture by David Nash realised at 1989. “Talking trees” reminded me Nash’s works when I saw a photograph today on Photography section. It was (lgswaff)Dear Les’ one of photographs.

Ash doom…

7) Eric Bainbridge,9/

8 )  Lilian Bassman and Paul Himmel

Paul Himmel and Lillian Bassman, herself a well-known fashion photographer, married in 1935 and had been married over 73 years when Himmel died in 2009.

9 ) Dead Flies Art … pics.html/
photography/art by Magnus Muhr
10) Jason deCaires Taylor

La Evolución Silenciosa (The Silent Evolution)
400 life-size figures. Depth 9m Cancun / Isla Mujeres, Mexico.

11) Terry Border

12)  ‘Little People Project’ started in 2006.” By  Slinkachu

13) Pencil and Camera by Ben Heine

14) Painted by music By  Stephen Ward

15) Marilyn Robertson

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