What’s The Menu Today?

“The Classical Cookbook” by the historian Andrew Dalby and chef Sally Grainger is one of my favurite books that I’ve read. It was so enjoyable and interesting to learn more about the daily life of classical Greece and Rome. Although separated from us by 2000 years, you can find similiar food cultures in today’s world too. I think this book is the first one of its kind, exploring the daily culture of the Mediterranean through the center of its social life–food and drink. Especially with its beautiful narrative texts by Dalby and Grainger you can learn the differences of the social groups and occasions. Festivals, dinner parties, celebrations,…etc. And also with the translation of the original recipes followed by the versions for the modern cook.  The book is illustrated throughout with delightful scenes of food, hunters, and revelers from wall paintings, mosaics, and Greek vases. And the array of delicacies, from Sweet Wine Scones to Chicken Stuffed with Olives to Honey Nut Cake, is sure to tempt any connoisseur.

This book was inspired me so much… after reading it, I wanted to make a picture of one of the menu that was hanging on the door of an ancient inn! It was written the daily menu there for the hunters or visitors…


This is the menu with my illustration. Made by watercolours and also colours pencils…




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