Jewelery (art clay)

This is an art clay studio in Ankara. I have met now on internet… There are so many artists that had been in this studio and they create now their own projects. You can find some of them in below links but especially works fascinated me.


Some beautiful Web Sites

1) Inspirational Blog…

2) Nik Christensen








Thinking of You, dear Rosemary!

Yesterday I bought something and I really loved it. Actually this is for children but I can use for my craft projects too. Especially when I make paintings or paper works, it should be nice to work on this mat.

On the other hand, this is so easy one, can be washed and children can paint on it again and again… 🙂 I found this fun mat in this shop,

“Ä°yi CĂĽceler” means “Good Dwarfs”… This shop is just for children… Books and books… Educational but also fun…

With my friend we visited. Her daughter started school this year, and she is learning to write and to read… I can’t believe they almost start with handwriting and also they are making reading with handwrite books… So my friend always tries to find a new story books or fairy tales in handwriting… It’s been so enjoyable to visit these children book stores… I buy books too 🙂 But because of myself, for inspiration… I love their paintings and also their drawings…

By the way, one of my favurite bloggers, dear Svenna, she is amazing lady, she did something for christmas ornaments… I really loved them.

There is a lovely shop in here, at the baghdad Street, selling all kind of things… And I found there, ready felt leaves! But there wasn’t enough pieces for the colours, next week I want to visit again… They were all gone! Sold!!!!!


and this is a little silver necklace, like Sultan’s caftan… In this shop there are so many things for to make jewelry, beads, silver, etc.

These are little girls 🙂 Where can I use them I don’t know but I loved these finger dolls…

This is my friend’s gift, a little hanger for my earrings…


Cinnamon Cookies

I tried to cook some cookies today… To be in the kitchen made me feel better and I almost forgot my pains….

I wanted to eat cinnamon cookies… How delicious! But “Cafe Fernando” should forgive me, because my cookies are not Buddha cookies 🙂 I wish(ed) to have them. Instead of Buddha I made with little squirrel…

The recipes you can find there…