Carrots with Olive Oil

In Turkish Food culture there are so many recipes with olive oil. And especially with olive oil vegetable dishes  are usually served cold. In every meal you can find one of them in the home menu…

Today while I was cooking this carrots with olive oil, I wanted to share with you too. We love carrots… But this one is my husband’s favurite meal. Not difficult. But it has a very delicious taste…

Carrots (four or five), Olive oil ( a cup of), sugar (it depends on your taste, I put two or one tablespoon) , salt, one onion and one orange or tangerine juice…

First of all you wash the carrots and then slice them what you like… Pour olive oil in your pan, then add the sliced onions for to fry… when it becomes soft and brown add carrots and sugar, salt and orange or tangerine juice, mix them… and also add a boiling water. Then leave it to cook… when your carrots become soft you can take it to your porcelain bowl and let them to cool… Then you can put to the fridge… As I told above this one is served cold… You can eat with yogurt too… Especially yogurth and garlic! We prefer to eat like that… Usually I put fresh  parsley or dills… But my husband doesn’t like them…

Bon Appetite!

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