Pasty with Zucchini

This is one of our favurite dishes, especially my son! I did for him I hope he would be with us during this Religious Festival. This pasty is so easy to make… But it is so delicious.

3 or 4 zucchini and 2 eggs and two table spoon yogurt (or milk) olive oil, fresh dills, salt, black pepper, and pizza cheese… That’s all.

First you wash these zucchinies and than grate them all in a bowl. Next you grate the cheese, and then add the dills and salt, pepper and one egg, and mix them all together…

I usually buy ready one pastry  we call it in here, “Yufka” you can find more details about this in the below link. There is usually in every neighborhood a small shop that they daily make yufka. So you can buy them freshly. But you can make your own pastry too…

I usually use  olive oil and I make my pan oil a little bit then I put these sheets of Yufka in this pan… But before this I make ready this, one egg with yogurt I mix them very well and with my kitchen brush I brush every layer of this yufka sheets… Then in the mid I put the zucchini mixture and I make it cover all the pan then I close with the Yufka sheets and top of them again I brush with my egg and yogurt mixture (you can use milk too, instead of yogurt)… Finally (if you wish) nigella sativa, black seeds… and goes to the oven. 170C andin  half an hour it is ready…


2 thoughts on “Pasty with Zucchini

  1. Yummy! Nia, this pasty looks delicious. I wish I can find these ticks sheets or something similar, maybe phyllo pastry?
    Thanks for sharing I love when you cook 😉

  2. I think you can make your own pastry, but I will search this sheets, maybe you can find there too, I know we send to Germany but is there in Spain I am not sure. Thank you dear Giovanna, with my love, nia

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