About Logo

How to put logo on our pictures or photographs… Actually it is not easy for me to explain with my English but I will try and also I will try to explain with some photographs…

1) firstly design a logo 

 Like my cat logo

2) Then draw the logo in a professional drawing program, like photoshop – it doesn’t matter which version you use


3) Be careful when you draw the logo, because the logo has to be without background, that means it has to be transtparan. Then save the document as a PNG file.


4) Even if you have a logo with background, again in a professional drawing program you should erase the background then save the documents as a PNG file.


5) To combine the logo and the photo. Open them together in a drawing program. Then move the logo into the photo file. Put the logo whereever you want then save as as a JPG file. So process is finished.

Open your picture or photograph on photoshop and then

And then go to your logo and carry it to…

you carry it on photoshop and then your picture will be opening and with your logo then leave it there

You can play with its size…

You can put wherever you want to see… then you make enter, and finally save it! It will be on your picture.

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