Life not easy sometimes…


Today, early in the morning I had a phone call from an old friend. It’s been for w hile we didn’t talk and also we didn’t see each other. His voice wasn’t good and then he told me that his son (he is our friends with his lovely wife) got twice brain surgeries…  Because of tumours… They saved his life as his father said… But he can’t use his left side and also he can’t speak too… He has been still in the clinic for some of exercises for his treatment. I was so sad and he is a young man… But I know he was smoking too much… and he never cared this. Then his father gave me his telephone and his wife needs to hear me… Then I dialed the numbers… It was opened… but, at first time there wasn’t any voice then I understood, he wanted to reply the phone… I heard his voice, he can’t speak, nothing can be understood but he tries to talk… You can guess me how I was… What I said I don’t remember but I know I told this, I will call you later again to talk with your wife… He should have been alone at that time… But this made me so sad… I can’t explain my feelings…

Late afternoon I reached to his wife, the view was worst than I heard… She was crying on the phone…

Life is not easy especially when you can’t do anything…  I pray for both of them.


so many memories coming then in your mind…

summer days…

spring in the mountain…

dinner under the moon light…

stories that we listened hot summer nights…

and how they danced in the garden, “Harmandalı”… always this folkloric music and dance makes me cry… because it was my father’s song too and whenever and wherever he heard someone plays this song, he danced…


I was busy then with some of piece of papers… I tried to make something, maybe it can be said, collage what I did… Dear Rosemary, she is doing great, I try to learn from her and from her blog,

This is what I tried to make today….


13 thoughts on “Life not easy sometimes…

  1. Oh Nia, I feel so sad for you and the family and of course the boy, My thoughts and wishes are with you all. It must have been so hard to talk on the phone for you with such sadness. I listened to the music and watched the dance and thought of everyone. xxx

    Then, just as I was feeling so sad the next thing is I see your collage. Please Nia, do not say your are just learning, it is fantastic and I do not say that easily. You have put so much thought into it and I feel so privileged that you included me in it, thank you. I hope the girl is me, I love her, she is sassy in her hat and sun glasses and her pose is full of confidence, all the things I don’t feel but would love to be. Music poetry and of course your camera The happiness of balloons. chairs to sit and have our tea and birds, butterflies, oh Nia this is just great, so much work in it and so many stories within. congratulations. love to you and thoughts of peace for your sad heart randomrose xx

    1. You are such a beautiful lady, dear Rosemary, as I meant there too, “share” is the most beautiful thing in relationships… Happiness, sadness, and what we know or what we have… With your beautiful creative world, I really learn, every meet is a new world for me. And I love to learn… Art is great… art is so good for our souls… feeding to soul! Million times Thank you dear Rosemary, Blessing and Happiness, with my love, nia

  2. This is so sad, Nia. I really sorry to hear this, I can’t imagine the pain his family and friends are feeling right now. But you have to keep being positive and hope for him to get better. I’ll pray for him and his family.
    With love,

  3. It’s a very sad time for you, Nia, so sorry about what happened… But as you said, sometimes we just can’t do anything… People are too fragile and we have to remember to feel happy everyday for what we have!

    What a great collage you did, Nia! It’s great to create something so beautiful and thoughtful!

    1. I agree with you my dearest Kristina, you are so nice too. Rosemary is amazing, you should visit her blog, she is so creative and sharing with us. Inspires me, but there is also Littleskew too, Today I can’t believe myself, I bought a drawing pencil set, Faber… I am really crazy one! There are a lot of things to do… But I can’t work long time on one subject, so it would be nice for me to work with different projects… but yes they can’t be finished like that… But who cares, I just make myself happy by learning and by sharing… Thank you dear Kristina, Have you started anything to knit? I wonder, please I would like to see what colour, what kind of project you start… 🙂 Have a nice weekend, with my love, nia

      1. Yes I actually have started:) Just a scarf, I just wanted a black wool scarf to go with my coat 😀 So I bought some wool the other day and started knitting ;D So now I am making Victoria Sponge Cake and knitting in between 😀 So relaxing 😀 I visited Rosemary’s blog some time ago and it’s beautiful! I will be coming back for some more ideas!!! 😀 Have a nice weekend, Nia!!!! Hope with lot’s of sunshine! 😀

      2. Sounds so beautiful dear Kristina, why don’t we be a neighbour in here or in there 🙂 Knitting and having a cup of tea with your delicious Victoria Sponge Cake! It is raining today and cold too. I am at home, not going for a walk…. Thank you dear Kristina, you can’t imagine how nicely touched your words in my rainy day… Have a nice day, with my love, nia

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