Another Project Completed!

At the end, I finished this project too… I am so happy for this. You can’t believe but it has been more than one year when I started this one. Actually I love knitting but I can’t make all the time…  Just while I am watching the television… (so you understand that how much I love watching television 🙂 )

Anyway, this is a short buttoned sweater or cardigan… Blue and black wool… I loved its colour… And it is so nicely being knitted with bamboo knitting needles… And black buttons I will add… Maybe I can add black lace too but I haven’t decided yet…

8 thoughts on “Another Project Completed!

  1. Thank you dear Linda, I am being so happy when I finish something. Yes, I have visited this website, so beautiful, actually I wish to join them but to be honest I can’t catch the things… I need to be organized… Photography takes all my time… Have a nice and enjoyable week, with my love, nia

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