Cat Stories -1- (For Dianda)

I decided to write some of cat stories in my life… Yes, the inspiration was a beautiful lady, she has a wonderful blog all about cats,

I was working once upon a time… There was a cat in the office… But she was very special one… At that time there was a television series, so they called her, like “Divinia”…. In my first days in the office, I noticed a cat, she was visiting some of desks… and she was talking too… I was new. She noticed me and she let me to touch her, and she went away… The next day, she came to me again after visiting some of desks (people), I was sitting in my chair at  the desk… She looked at me. Without moving and without any sound… Just looked. Someone told me that, I should give my place to her… You can’t believe, yes, she wants me to give my place to her… And I did. She jumped and waiting again by looking at my face… The other people were watching us… and laughing too. Someone told me that I should have given some food to her… yes, there was some of biscuits… and she ate from my hands… No you can’t put any place… she just ate from hands… Then she talked in cat language and jumped down and went… And can you believe this she did same visit to everyone and every day…. It was unbelievable cat, this lovely Divinia…

(what happened then, I didn’t work there anymore, I left… because of my baby! My son.)

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