Crocheting Project/not finished yet

Last month, I posted this photograph, you remember? The lady in this knitting and yarn shop, she is so creative and did this beautiful project. Actually it seemed to me so easy and I started last week. But how many times I started from the beginning I don’t know. At the end, I found the pattern how it is made… ย 

But this time, mine was very short, not as this one, above… When I visited last weekend the lady that she shared with me, she told me that I made very tight this crocheting project, but I learned that I should crochet much more large, soft… and also I changed the hooked needleย too. So, all it means that I will make again… This was the first one. Actually the pattern finished but this is not in the exact size, seems not finished… so I try to complete with last lines, this will be like that.

8 thoughts on “Crocheting Project/not finished yet

  1. Yes, I think I will… I didn’t want to waste or to start again. It is standing so nice when you wear… But this is not the same concept with the original one, so I will make a new one too. This time I will try to make as dear lady taught me. Thank you dear Giovanna, with my love, nia

  2. You know Nia, because I make books, everything that doesn’t turn out I say…”Doesn’t matter, it will make a good cover for a book”. So if you really can’t find anything else (which I can think of many things to do with that beautiful piece) you can buy a nice thick plain book and cover it, first with a plain material that will look lovely underneath the crochet then put the crochet over it. You could even just stitch it on around the covers, sorry, that is me getting carried away. Regardless what happens to it, you are incredible (I am running out of words for you dear friend). One question I must ask you….do you ever sleep? ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. …. ๐Ÿ™‚ Yes, my sleeping time is a kind of problem! You guessed it right. I sleep but early in the morning just before the dawn time and I sleep just a few hours… But I am happy with all my things… If I feel so tired I can sleep in a day… Thank you so much dear Rosemary, with my love, nia

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