Today Notes!

From my day, “Today notes;

First of all I want to share something that made me so happy, like a child… I can’t explain. She is really like an angel. When I received her letter/package, I opened this with my tears… How much I loved what she sent me! Thank you my beautiful lady, dear Rosemary, you are an angel… Blessing and happiness for her.

There was a nice day today in Istanbul… Sunny and not cold… I went to the Kadıköy, it is one of big districts in this side, especially you can find everything in there in its shopping area… I bought yarns for a new project, I am going to make a vest with hood again. But this will be for a special young lady! I hope she likes and wears… On the other hand, my other vest still with me, tomorrow we are planning to meet with my friend. So I will give her when we meet…

In my favurite yarn store, I am always being lost among the beautiful yarns…. I bought some new yarns too for myself. My little room like a small studio now, full of projects and materials but there is not enough person and time to start and to make them 🙂 They will wait for me… I am not complaining, I always love to have projects…

And then I went to my hair dresser… Today while we were talking the idea came up to the minds, why don’t I take pictures in there? So next time I will go with my camera…

So all day long I was out… There is not any photograph… and any knitting today…

And finally I bought a new book too, when I noticed this book, I wanted to have, because she is one of favurite artists,  there are so beautiful and unforgetable films that I can’t forget; she is Audrey Hepburn… The book is about her life, written by Donald Spoto… “Enchantment: The Life of Audrey Hepburn”

And another note, I am still looking for some books, that they are classical novels and I can’t believe, because I can’t find them. Actually once upon a time I had these books but many years ago I donated to a library of a village. I never thought that one day I would like to read them again. But I make my fingers crossed, one of the owner of bookstores, will call me when she finds… By the way I should say this, why I want to read these books again, because I want to share and to talk about these books with my friend dear TBM… (sorry dear TBM, seems that it will take time… )  But million thanks you reminded and you always reminds me a wonderful books in your beautiful blog.

Thank you for you all, who visits and reads me…

Have a nice and enjoyable day,

with my love, nia

4 thoughts on “Today Notes!

  1. I also love Audrey Hepburn. I’m excited to hear if you like the biography. Also, I know you will find the other books. It will just take time, which will make the final purchase even more rewarding. Have a wonderful day!

  2. Thank you Nia, you are the sweetest girl. Reading about your ‘yarn shopping’ makes me want to run now to my yarn shop and play, it is such a delicious thing to do. Audrey Hepburn would have to have been the most elegant and beautiful woman that made the silver screen.

    Books, oh dear Nia, I keep ordering books from my library, so many that I just don’t have time to read them all before they are due back so I have to make a list of them so I remember to get them out again. I cannot help myself! What are some of the classics you are looking for?

    Can’t wait to see what you do with your camera inside a hair dressing salon…wow. I feel like a little child, everything NIa does…me want to do…:) 🙂

  3. Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen and The Mysteries of Udolpho by Ann Radcliffe… Actually I can easily find their English versions, but can’t find in my own language. But I am sure I will find, if I can’t, as you remined me, I can find in library, even there is a library near to my home. I should have thought of this. It’s been for a long time I didn’t go there, I hope it is still there, 🙂 In this city, there is always a surprise. Thank you dear Rosemary, do you know, we are similar, and maybe we are busy with different things but we feel same with all these exciting things. I will write to you later, but I want to say here too, my friend’s daughter, she loved your works, you opened a new inspriational window in her little world… (As what you did in my humble world too 🙂 ) Today with my friend we visited a bookstore again, because she wanted to buy a children book for her daughter’s friend, this weekend, there is a Birthday party in Mc Donalds 🙂 Anyway, It’s been for a long time I didn’t visit children’s bookstore… I was almost lost… What a beautiful books, pictures, you can’t believe, but yes, I bought for myself too! I loved the paintings in these books, I can use for my projects… 🙂 Dear Rosemary, I started to collect some pieces of my projects with papers… as yours. How exciting and enjoyable… I will write again, Thank you from all of us, (me, little girl and her motheer) with my love, nia

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