Today Notes: 2

A very important note to me, Not to forget to take your camera, especially when you meet with your friend!!!!!!

It was a wonderful day… The weather (even it was cold), our meeting, our talking and the ambience of the place….etc.

We met early in the morning and we went to “Kirpi” Cafe/restaraunt for breakfast… “Kirpi” means in my language, “Hedgehog”…

This is the link of Kirpi, you can visit… But sorry not in English, but I can help you,

Anasayfa…. homepage

Lezzet…. Taste

Foto Galeri…. Photo Galley

Some places have a wonderful energy and you can feel it… Peaceful and positive… This is one of them. The colours, decoration,..etc make you feel as in the home… And of course we had a wonderful Turkish Breakfast too… (we will go again…)

In this beautiful place, we talked about the book that we have been both reading…. I think, I talked about this book in my previous posts, it is on about “Soul” written by a Yoga master, actually he has a long name,  Yoga Grand Master Yogaçarya Maha Yogi Akif Manaf. One of important masters in the world as I learned today. We have been talking, discussing, questioning, on about what we read with my friend (you know I think, she will be soon a Yoga trainer too)…

The book starts with these words, “My soul”… is the wrong expression, it should be “I am the soul”…

It seems that reading would be so exciting…



2 thoughts on “Today Notes: 2

  1. Hello Nia, Sometimes I forget to come over here and check so today I ticked the box so I can get an email when you post.
    I looked at the cafe you went to. It is beautiful, it is very artistic. Love the girls with the cups on their heads (sculptures). One of the delights of our lives is to catch up with friends over tea or coffee and chat about the things we have in common and the things we love to do. Sometimes my friends and I get so excited we almost talk over the top of each other 🙂

    I am going now to look at your crochet, You are just amazing, amazing, amazing how much you do. love r.rose

  2. You are so right dear Rosemary, friends and to meet with them, and to drink a cup of tea/coffee… These are very special moments… Actually I don’t have so many friends in my real life. Just a few and they are so precious for me. Whenever we find time we try to come together. But in this invisible world I have so beautiful friends too, like you! When I don’t hear you or read you in my day I feel something missed… Today I was out all day long, and right now I can find time and to read you and to visit your blog and others too… This is so beautiful, the connection of beautiful people in the world. Thank you God and Thank you for you too dear Rosemary, Have a nice day, with my love, nia

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