Inspiration: The Rhythm of Life /Bach

Today, when I woke up there was an idea in my mind… And my day started today with Bach… I told you before I think without music I can’t feel good… always there is a music in my home… and today’s name was Bach…

So, this is the inspiration with Bach

Paper Scrap: The Rhythm of Life  /Bach

4 thoughts on “Inspiration: The Rhythm of Life /Bach

  1. Hi Nia, It is 6.30am here and I have woken to find Bach as well as a beautiful collage, what a lovely way to start my day. I like everything in your collage, the meaning, your poetry. I know when you made this you put your feelings in it through your hands, beautiful. love r.rose

    I haven’t receive the post yet but I am sure it is winging its way. It will be a great gift waiting for me when I get back I am sure my dear friend.

  2. Hi dear Rosemary, should be morning there… You are so nice, Thank you, I was really happy while I was doing this, and also I was talking too with myself, to chose and to apply… 🙂 But still there is a long way to create something as yours. Have a nice journey and beautiful days dear Rosemary, with my love, nia

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