Today Notes : 3

Yesterday, it was a wonderful day… Cold but there was sun… We met with my friend and we had a nice day with her. Had a nice walking and then a cup of tea in Cafe Nero…

When I came back home it was late afternoon… But I didn’t come nice to the home because I fell down! No, actually I flew and crashed the marble enterance of the apartment!!!!! I crashed my left side of head… All my left side (my face, my shoulder, arm and leg) were injured… But  I should be lucky there is not any broken bone… Just got a very hard crash… Today I feel so much pains… Last night I put ice box to my face, otherwise it would have been purple spot… 🙂

Today is 30th November… My sadness day… This is the day my father died 30 years ago today…. It was still like today… and I can’t believe how passed the years… How much I miss him….

I love you Dad,….

With my Dad, Christmas Time in Dusseldorf,… in 1960s years…

5 thoughts on “Today Notes : 3

  1. I am glad you are ok Nia and didn’t injure yourself!

    I am sure your dad is looking down at you from heaven 🙂 It is true, the years go by so quickly, and that’s why we have live a happy life with no regrets! 🙂

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