Crochet Finished, Knitting Goes on…

Some new projects…

This is my new project. Its design in my mind… will be a little jacket/sweater… I try to knit with two different yarn… I loved these yarns… I have been still making the front side…I hope I can finish this YEAR 🙂

Some of you, I am sure will remember this post. There is the model/pattern of this black crocheting project. But I did wrong. When I visited this shop again, beautiful lady once again she taught me, and I know what I did wrong. But I didn’t rip out, I went on to complete this one. Last week I finished it, and yes, it is very big. Original one is not like that. So I will make another one too. But it was so enjoyable. On the other hand, this is not wasted, I think I can use it too, just needs to be made fringes around it.


6 thoughts on “Crochet Finished, Knitting Goes on…

  1. I always enjoy seeing your needlework projects, Nia. I’m feverishly finishing holiday projects for friends and family. Sorry about the broken bone in your foot. I suppose that one way to think of it is that you’ll have more knitting time?? Linda

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