My Crazy World

What is new in the home… My cat, my Princess, she is very  curious (actually all cats like that 🙂 ) and she always checks me when I come back home with some bags, packages…. And she likes to dig them… Actually I wanted to post last week these notes but here they are now. I can find time for them.  Last week, I bought somethings for my crazy world. Or in another saying, for my creative world…

1) We visited with my son the stationary that was one of his best one. He was always talking about this shop, but I didn’t find it where it was. So, my son took me to this lovely shop. I learned the address now, I can go by myself too in the future. I bought some pencils again… and papers too,… 

These are new for me, natural colour pencils…

These colours were almost finished so I bought again… I love these soft pastels…

And finally some additions to my son’s pens that he gave me all his set. Especially this white pen is amazing I love to draw white on a dark papers…


This is a small toy bed… I bought from IKEA… When I saw it the idea was in my mind… But just for now it should wait for me…


This is a little sewing machine, but old style… Reminded me my grandmother. She had the same machine. I bought from the Rahmi Koc Museum, there is a little shop in there… Actually this is also a musical box…


I love ginger biscuits… and reminds me my childhood memories too… (from IKEA again)

and this lovely house biscuits… but…

they were all broken… !!!!!


A pillow from IKEA… with flowers… the doll pillow is a gift from my  friend.


For a long time I have been looking for a nice horse… at the end I found I think. My love says that I was going to complete my home zoo 🙂 soon… What is forgotten, I should check again…


2 thoughts on “My Crazy World

  1. Your house is full of wonder and imagination and beauty. You need to be careful showing us, we will all be coming to live with you 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. My house full of so many things… According to my love, there is not space for us 🙂 And also the house is very small. But this is not a matter because when we lived in a big house it was small for me again… Like a little studio, maybe ethnographic gallery of Nia too… To be honest there is a great idea in my mind, for now it is a dream, economically I can’t make it real. An art/hobby cafe… the first floor is like a studio (for crafts, art, etc.) and also a library (to read books) and also a cafe and the second floor is a boutique hotel with a few rooms (for my friends from abroad)… 🙂 Thank you dear Rosemary, with my love, nia

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