I Have a Dream!

For a long time, I have been thinking of my dream… One of my dreams! But it doesn’t seem easy one… As if I need a miracle for this… Because all I need economical power for this dream….

An art Cafe… or art, hobby, craft, etc. Cafe…

In a lovely garden with full of flowers and trees…

In the first floor, there is a studio (for art, crafts, knitting, painting, etc.) and there is a little library (for to read and search) and there is a little yarn shop (for knitting etc.) and there is a gallery (for some exhibitions or workshops) and there is a cafe (for a break, for meeting, etc.)

In the second floor, there is lovely rooms… like a boutique hotel (for my friends from abroad)

And also there will be an organization for photography in the city… and sightseeing tours too…. even for shopping too…

How deep is your love…:)

How big is your dream….


10 thoughts on “I Have a Dream!

  1. What a beautiful dream. As I read it, I saw it clearly. Please may I book a room to stay, maybe for a year or more. I share that dream. …for the love of dreaming….love randomrose xx

  2. This is great Nia! Dreams are a wonderful tings! I have a dream as well and I am working on in, I believe it will be a sucess some time… soon… you only need to believe! 😀 Even if it won’t, at leasT I know I tried! 😀

  3. How I wish it to be real… and sure rooms for you all… And can you imagine we can all meet in here… Makes me so excited but for now it is just a dream… Thank you dear Rosemary, with my love, nia

  4. Thank you dearest, you are so nice, dreams our power… and I wish you too, your dream comes true… Have a nice weekend, my dear Kristina, with my love, nia

  5. This sounds wonderful. Keep repeating your dream out loud (speak it), put photos of these things in your dream on the refrigerator, mirror dashboard of the car, everywhere you go in the house in order to keep it in front of you. You do this and it will come true! It worked for us when we wanted to buy a home! Keep the dream alive!

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