Today’s Note /6

Another day at home… Actually it is not so bad to be at home, I can find time more now, for reading and for knitting…My scarlet red sweater is going to be finished soon. I’ve been knitting its arms now…

And also I have finished reading this book, Stefano E.D’Anna “The School for Gods”… It is impressively written and makes to think… But to be honest, there is nothing new for me in this book. In my own life experiences I walked on my path for finding myself,… I did and I found. But it was a great voyage to explore myself. To come to face to face with all sadness and memories and tragic stories… Kant says that who wants to recognize the world, first of all he must establish it in himself… (Der (die) Welt erkennen will mub sie zuvor zimmern und zwar in ihm selbst.) ( Ihope not I didn’t make a wrong translated)

For this, a method is needed… an escape plan. No one can achieve this alone.
A school is needed… A School for Gods… 

“You will found a School of Being, a University for whoever has a dream to realize… where it will be taught that the ‘Dream is the most real thing there is‘… that what man calls reality is nothing more than the reflection of his dream. You will create a School of responsibility, a School for philosophers of action where it will be taught that happiness is economy… that wealth, wellbeing and beauty are every man’s birthright. You will create a School without end… a School for Gods… It will have My pace and My range … You must not fear criticism. There will seem to be obstacles of every sort, but every difficulty or enemy will turn out to be your greatest ally, an integral and irreplaceable part of this endeavour.”
The Dreamer

The School for Gods by Elio D’Anna



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