It’s going on…

“Three Kingdoms”, -television series, inspired me for this pattern. The customes of this television series were so interesting and nice for me. I love these kind of works… I think, this was inspirational for me. I hope the idea in my mind, I can complete as in my mind… Because you know sometimes you can’t apply it… So I am excited for this project. 🙂

Cats are everywhere in my home… this is the pillow for my foot that I feel better…  A little break for a photography!

2 thoughts on “It’s going on…

  1. Wow! Nia, are you saying you make this pattern up in your head with inspiration of the movie? That is amazing, you are amazing….love randomrose xx

  2. Yes dear Rosemary, I am a crazy one 🙂 Beautiful things are being so inspirational for me but I can’t know when or what will be born with them… Thank you so much, with my love, nia

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