Books and Reading World

This is the photograph of Fiction Books program in the French television channel “TV5Monde”… Fascinated me… Book (seems that’s been read) and balcony and should be across the view of mountains (of course for me should be Himalayas)… and my mind completes this image, an arm chair and also little tea table… with a cup of tea… fresh air and lovely birds… Not cold, not too hot… and full of books!

Reading is another exciting voyage… and as it is said, books are the best friends… My book list never being empty, I always add some new books… 

Books… to be read…. They are waiting for me… Today my bookstore called me that they found one of my books too, but they have been still looking for some others. But it seems that “The Mysteries of Udolpho” by Ann Radcliffe wouldn’t be found anymore, because they don’t publish it again… So it is in my English book list… But another good news,  Voyage Around My Room” by Xavier de Maistre, was in my English book list, but I have learned that in one of publishers published this book once again in my own language, but my bookstore are looking for this too… Actually I am excited to read them again… It’s been for a long time… The idea to read some classical books again, came from one of my beautiful blogger friends, dear TBM. Besides his beautiful photographs he also shares books with us…

Actually books don’t change… they are just waiting for us… patiently… but we change in times… Yesterday what we didn’t like, we may like today… In the past we loved so much, but today not feeling as before… or yesterday what we didn’t understand, today we can understand…

Between yesterday and today there is a long voyage of our minds… Once upon a time I was in my 20s age… and now I am…. According to  Pythagoras, the first 20 years means to be a child; the second 20 years means to be a young one; and another 20 years means to be a man, and finally the last 20 years means to be a wise man…  I am a man/woman now. 🙂

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