HAPPY NEW YEAR and MERRY CHRISTMAS (Scrap Paper with my special Thanks to dear Rosemary)

I love to do something with papers… But I started this kind of work with dear Rosemary. When I have met with her blog, I loved her amazing art work. How scrap papers can be a part of creative worlds… Dear Rosemary, she is a beautiful lady, she shared day by day how scrap paper/ books can be done…


In this link you can find her daily sharings about her paper art work (from one to number 30)


Fascinated me so much… I knew this kind of works but I haven’t interested  before  like now… Dear Rosemary, she made me a surprise one day, she sent some beautiful gifts to me… It was (once again) unbelievable… Everyday, in my humble life, by learning and living and sharing with her beautiful creative world, I loved much more… It is another exciting work for me… Thank you and Blessing for her…

Today, when I woke up there was something in my mind… And before everything, I should have done my idea… And I did.

According to these days, I wanted to make a candle… I cut a candle hole in the red paper and I painted with my soft pastel, the flame. Under this candle hole I fixed a piece of papers (that were from dear Rosemary, beautiful pink colours with flowers and butterfly) … There are some dried leaves in my kitchen, I think these leaves are  folium myrti… And some small red beads… That was all…

The second one, with the same way, by cutting the greed paper with a bird hole… then I fixed a music notes…



7 thoughts on “HAPPY NEW YEAR and MERRY CHRISTMAS (Scrap Paper with my special Thanks to dear Rosemary)

  1. You work is beautiful Nia, never say you cannot do anything. Thank you so much for saying I helped but you always had it deep down inside and now it is glowing. Merry Christmas and the Happiest of New Years to you and your family. I love these two pieces as they are minimal but loaded with feeling and beauty. love randomrose xx

  2. Very pretty Nia 🙂 These would make lovely Christmas cards 🙂 Handmade things are the best 🙂

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