Knitting for Dolls





One of Projects Finished

I loved these yarns… They are also my background picture… At the end I finished this short jacket. I made different in front of this jacket…  I used red pearly buttons, but only one it is being used, the others just for accessory!


Carrots and Parsley

Actually they are the inspiration for these posts…. Who are they?

One of them is, one of my beautiful blogger friends, dear Rufus aka dear Greg and with her lovely wife, dear Katherine! I love their kitchen posts, and their photographs are amazing… In one of their posts, carrots inspired me,

To be honest, I know some different recipes with carrots but this was new for me… and I want to try one day, because I love carrot and also fresh mint… should be so delicious meal…

The second one is again one of my beautiful blogger friends, dear Kristina. I love her photographs and her travelling notes… But she is also amazing with her second blog too, she shared with us such a beautiful, useful, nice benefits details…. They are all homemade…

She shared so nice details about parsley and also some beautiful recipes for your skin… you can find in her blog…  Even in her last post there is another wonderful recipe for skin, but this time with carrots….

So here is my inspirational works after then,

1) “Kıymalı Havuçlu  Patates Yemeği”… means Potatos and Carrots with minced beef !

Sliced onion with olive oil cook in a pan, then add the minced beef and mix them together, you can add salt, pepper and dried thyme , and then carrots and potatos… But the head of them I think is the parsley…

And then adding a tablespoon homemade red chilli paste/sauce and water… Then leave it to cook…




Cheese with lemon without using yeast!

Required materials:

  •  Pots for milk
  • 2 liters of milk
  • 2 lemon juice
  • Cheese cloth for to filter and filter

Heated to 80 ° C in 2 liters of milk, add 1 cup of lemon juice for about 15 minutes up to one third of the wait.  Curd and whey at the end of 15 minutes must be separated from each other exactly, if you doesn’t leave, add a little more lemon juice. Whey is a clear greenish water and milk curd cut in the state. Curd whey are separated as in the cloud. 

This mixture of sterilized cheese cloth and gently laid the filter and pour the whey to drain completely provide. Tied bundle of cloth, do the edges and filtering at room temperature for 2 hours or until dripping stops to hang.  For cheese cloth and washed and cleaned in a pillowcase is 100% cotton. 

Whey cheese is cured completely filtered optionally remove the salt gland, mint or thyme and serve or refrigerate, stirring with a long wait.

Dinner Menu!

Domatesli Bulgur Pilavı ve Izgara Tavuk (Cracked Wheat with tomatos and Grilled Chicken)

One onion with olive oil, in the pan just the colour shoud change… then adding green pepper, red pepper and tomatos…

Two cups cracked wheat…

A tablespoon homemade red pepper paste but hot!

Stir with a little bit warm water…

 Then adding to the pan…

and finally you add the cracked wheat too… and mix everything together… then you add, salt, pepper (if you wish) and 4 cups water…

(it means one cup cracked wheat need two cup water…) it should be cooked very slow heat and when the water withdraws close the hear and cover the top of the pan with a (paper) towel and close the pan for about 1o minutes… Then you can serve…

with grilled chicken with dried thyme… and tomatos and green pepper…

Bon Appetite!