Dinner Menu!

Domatesli Bulgur Pilavı ve Izgara Tavuk (Cracked Wheat with tomatos and Grilled Chicken)

One onion with olive oil, in the pan just the colour shoud change… then adding green pepper, red pepper and tomatos…

Two cups cracked wheat…

A tablespoon homemade red pepper paste but hot!

Stir with a little bit warm water…

 Then adding to the pan…

and finally you add the cracked wheat too… and mix everything together… then you add, salt, pepper (if you wish) and 4 cups water…

(it means one cup cracked wheat need two cup water…) it should be cooked very slow heat and when the water withdraws close the hear and cover the top of the pan with a (paper) towel and close the pan for about 1o minutes… Then you can serve…

with grilled chicken with dried thyme… and tomatos and green pepper…

Bon Appetite!


14 thoughts on “Dinner Menu!

  1. Thank you dear Linda, it’s been for awhile I didn’t hear you, I was worrying about you. I am glad to see you now. Have a nice and enjoyable day, with my love, nia

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