This is my Favurite One!

This is one of my favurite salads….  “Gavurdagi Salad” (which takes its name from a mountain in Anatolia) it is wonderfully tasty.  Actually this salad is a very well and also  traditionally an accompaniment for any kind of grilled meat.  The most important taste in this salad, is pomegranate syrup in the dressing; it provides a rounded acidity that elevates the dish greatly, transforming it into a mouth watering accompaniment worthy of being a main dish in itself.

Tomatos, red or white onion (if you wish, this time I didn’t add), parsley, green pepper chopped, olive oil, pomegranate syrup, salt, and walnut crushed… 

Pomegranate syrup from village farm, homemade…

I will serve with barbecued meat but with potatos in the oven…

 chopped the potatos and mix them all with salt, olive oil, pepper and dried thyme and cook in the oven… For a long time I stopped to make fried food, I always cook them in the oven like that… It is much more healty as they say… and delicious too.


9 thoughts on “This is my Favurite One!

  1. this looks so delicious! I will have to try it! I love salad with nut’s and seeds, yam! Thank you 😀

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