Just I can’t find enough time…

I haven’t forgotten you, my dear blog! Just I can’t find enough time… Ah, there are alot of things/crafty works waiting for me, to be finished… But to be honest, photography  almost takes all my time… Maybe you don’t know, in these days I love to make paintings image with my photographs on photoshop.

Otherwise…. there are a lot of books waiting for me to be read…

there are some crocheting projects waiting for me to be finished…

there are some painting projects waiting for me to start…

and THERE is a naughty little Princess in my home, waits always to interest with her otherwise she creates a big mess in every room…

Anyway, today (maybe you have already known them) I want to introduce some of beautiful creative blogger friends,


Dear Svenna, with her amazing knitting works always fascinating me… I love her blog and her little assistant!


Dear Chica, always fascinates me with her amazing recipes and notes from food culture… BUT this time she fascinated me with her knitting works…


Dear Giovanna, she is amazing with her food culture and recipes… BUT she is also amazing with her cross stitch works too… She fascinates me too…


Thank you for you all,

Have a nice a great day,

with my love, nia


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