Pattern (Dilara 2 for dear Colline)

I wanted to make a shirt, but for men style. It is not easy, I know. Because of this, I used an old shirt for this project. Because I wanted to use some of sewn parts of this old shirt. Especially the edge of the in front with buttons… I cut it a line and I    folded it for cuffs and also for collar and also for the in front but I didn’t use any button…  You can see below the picture how I cut and used them…

For slippers… I knitted rubber lattice (I hope I am using the right word for this) and it begins narrow then goes wide but not too long I knitted. And then I sewed like a pipe and I put my doll’s foot and I gathered the slipper on her foot… I mean I fixed it on her foot.

About pom pons… if you make the circle small you can get a small pom pon… not difficult! You can see here,











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