Pebble Stones /My Stone Men

It’s been for a long time, maybe more than ten years… We collected pebble stones with my son at the sea side of Assos.


From the hill in Assos and the music of video is one of our greatest musicians, by Zülfü Livanelli…

For a few years during our summer vacations we collected so many different pebble stones. Some of them were like a nose, or mouth or eyes… they were so small too… Every time while we were coming back home, to the city Istanbul, my husband was teasing with us, “This is not a truck, car!”… 🙂 You can guess how many stones we collected…

And all winter days we painted them together with my son… He was a little boy at that time! Now he is a young man. And soon our home was full of with many stone men… Yes, we made some of  them stone man but there was stone animals too… Especially what we found on the beach, their shapes gave this idea to us with these nose and mouth stones … Who visited us we gifted them to our visitors… sometimes I sent them as a gift to my friends… Then at the end, just a few stone men remained now…

A few days ago, when I visited her blog, her art work fascinated me and reminded me my stone men. She worked with stones but in different way, and they were so beautiful, she inspired me too… Who is she? She is a wonderful blogger and so creative too,

Dear Bec, Thank you for sharing with us, you are amazing with your art works, drawings, paintings, ideas, and photographs…  You inspired me, 🙂 I need pebble stones now….

And you know, we talked about my stone men, here are they, but they are very old now, their paint has been gone… but still they are stone man 🙂





This is the only stone animal remained, it was a pink pig!



20 thoughts on “Pebble Stones /My Stone Men

  1. WOOOWWW Nia! These are so fabulous! They made me smile, I love how each of them are their own wee character. Thank you SOOOO much for the amazingly beautiful compliments…im so happy my blog inspired you 🙂 xo Bec

  2. I am glad you liked them dear Bec. But your stones are so beautiful too and I want to make like yours if I can find stones 🙂 You are welcome and Million Thanks for your beautiful and creative works, today you fascinated me again. Love, nia

  3. yes exactly you caught this, they are so precious for me… Thank you dear Colline, my beautiful blogger friend, with my love, nia

  4. These are wonderful, Nia. My niece made a rock man for me when she was in kindergarten. She is almost forty now. These characters have such personality. I like them as “old” rock men with their worn paint. They are little treasures carrying memories for you. 🙂

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