13 thoughts on “She Is My Best Model : Dilara /3

  1. Heh…I wish, but for all that work I’d have to pay you, and I’m broker than the Ten Commandments! *giggles and hugs*

  2. Mrr? Really? *squees with happy* That would be the best present -ever-, my Christmas Girl! *hugs, hard*

    Btw, I’m adding Turkey to my list of places I need to see before it’s too late…just cause of your pics! I’m ashamed to admit it, but pretty much all the mind pictures of Turkey I had were based on the They Might Be Giants song, “Istanbul, not Constantinople”. Funny funny song, but not as a picture of a whole country! So thank you for showing me your view, and your beautiful country…and if you’re still around when I’m a famous author and come to Turkey I’ll come give you a hug in person. 😉

    KC & Co.

  3. What a beautiful model she is. I saw her knitted dress the other day. The sweater is so cute. I can’t imagine making something this tiny. I know you have lots of fun with this.

  4. It is really so difficult to make tiny things… But it is great fun for me. I love to make something with this tiny world… Thank you dear George, with my love, nia

  5. Oh yes – I love my little Canon. One day O lwill be able to afford an EOS or something similar, but for the moment, I love my little Canon. Keira xx

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