Recycle Project 1

It is a crazy idea but I didn’t want to waste these plastic detergent bottles… And also their shapes were so inspirational for me. For a long time made my mind busy. At the end I found what to do… To cover or to dress these plastic bottles…  Of course this is my first try, I am sure, it will be improving in days…

What I need for this, scraps of different fabrics, whatever you have old in your hobby box, sewing box, lace, beads, ribbons,…etc. Of course the harmony between all these materials is important… At the end we try to create something artistic… 🙂 I laugh now myself… My first project maybe didn’t happen so artistic but funny and strange… But we can call this recycle sculpture…. Yes, here it is my first one,

The King







16 thoughts on “Recycle Project 1

  1. Yes, it is really big problem… In my city they started to collect the rubbish in different categories, glasses, papers, plastics, etc.And every time these beautiful plastic bottles make me to think… I use them regularly, I mean the bottles are being more and more in the home… and also for rubbish box too… I am glad I did something from ONE of them… How many I can make I am not sure… 🙂 BUT at the end whatever we make it’s been something to add in our world again… Thank you so much dear Bente, have a nice day, with my love, nia

  2. Now that is absolutely so stunning! I love it Nia. What a great idea hon. 🙂
    Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  3. Just checking…I didn’t make you mad or dissapointed with my last post, did I? I’ve been getting kind of paranoid because it’s such a strange…well, me. 😉 *hugs* Also, in less than two weeks I’m getting my doll. It’s even in the budget! *giggles*

    ttyl, KC

  4. Hi sweetie, thanks for the concern. Fine and just busy but I will come visit regularly. Miss you too. Just don’t feel like blogging and want to do something constructive where photography is concerned, so I am looking for websites where I can enter contests or sell my photo’s as prints, so that keeps me quite busy. So wish me luck… and of course, my housework got a bit neglected when I started blogging…so I am catching up on that as well again.
    Take care sweetie. 🙂

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